Lucas Sanchez is an American guitarist, singer, and composer based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. He currently holds a degree in music from Las Positas College. Lucas picked up a guitar at the age of nine years old and never looked back. Since then, he has studied with numerous guitar instructors and at multiple schools, gaining a versatile repertoire and knowledge base of music. In his grade school years, Lucas studied with guitarists such as Steve Kritzer, Chris Ansuini, and Roman Cirini. His world really started to open up while taking lessons with San Francisco guitarist Heath Du-Fount Haberlin, where he discovered his passion for blues guitar. 

After graduating high school in 2014, Lucas decided the best way to learn more about music was through attending college under a music program. He was enrolled in the Las Positas College music department for three years, and studied music theory, jazz, composition, guitar, voice, and piano. Lucas’ instructors included Cindy Browne Rosefield (music theory, bass), Dan Marshack (music theory, composition, piano), Ian Brekke (vocal/choir director), and Ken Cefalo (guitar). During his time at Las Positas, Lucas participated in many jazz and vocal ensembles, while also playing gigs around the Bay Area as a band leader of the group “Truth Without Fear.” “TWF” placed first in three seperate battle of the bands with their original songs, two being in San Francisco and one being at Las Positas College. In the year 2017, Lucas’ hunger to learn more about music motivated him to leave Las Positas and transfer to the California Jazz Conservatory (CJC) in Berkeley. 

Lucas was awarded a scholarship to attend CJC by the president Susan Muscerella. This award made for a smooth transition to Berkeley. Once enrolled at CJC, Lucas studied guitar for a year with jazz guru Randy Vincent. He also studied with other Bay Area legends such as Erik Jekabson, Dan Zinn, Mike Zilber, Frank Martin, John Gove, Marcos Silva, and Ian Faquini. At CJC, Lucas acquired a diverse understanding of music and guitar, through different genres such as: swing, bop, jazz fusion, Brazilian music, funk, and blues. 

After a year of studying and performing at the CJC, Lucas decided it was time to develop a musical career of his own. He moved on from CJC to embark upon an exciting musical journey, in pursuit of new experiences and musical mastery.

Lucas now has the "Lucas Sanchez Trio" which he normally plays with around the Bay Area. The "LS3" is another vehicle for his original music that pulls from many different genres to create a unique sound.

Musical Philosiphy 

           I play music because I love music, and I feel strongly that creating and playing music is what I was born to do. Music is a gift to everyone and a force of nature that can change the world. I wish to use music to spread peace, understanding, love, acceptance, and diversity throughout the world, and to help abolish as much hatred in the world as I can. I hope to inspire people to pick up an instrument themselves or to, at least, venture out and experience more live music, so that they too can find their love of music and discover the extraordinary healing properties that music possesses.